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JANET K SMITH is a writer and editor with a strong background in business. After taking a number of classes in business administration and accounting, and obtaining professional certification in purchasing, she joined forces with her tech-savvy husband, to open a computer sales and service company in 2002.


There her talents were put to work writing a newsletter, a newspaper column, and self-published a computer 'how-to' book, along with all the other business correspondence. 


After eight years, she wanted more, and her first story was published in 2010, quickly followed by another. Completing her first novel in December 2018, she is now working on two more novels and looking for an agent. 

As her interest in writing grew, so did her desire to know more about the foundations and principles that make up good writing. In the fall of 2018, Janet enrolled in the Simon Fraser University Editing Certificate program and has found her sharp eye for numbers and reconciliation is a skill that has translated well into the editing field.

She is a member in good standing with Editors Canada and the Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island.

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